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Ignite Good is organizing a generation of whole hearted service leaders to act together as a determined constituency for the advancement of their own cities and lives.

Ignition Cities

Ignition Cities challenges leaders to find a common narrative.

We invite service leaders to attend intensive multi-day, city-based trainings called “Ignition Cities.” Participants come to learn a new skill in Public Narrative and social movement building and leave with a tightly knit, values-aligned entourage in their own city.

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Ignition Philly

May 02–04, 2014 | Apply Now

Ignition Philly brings together individuals involved in social change work from 50 Philadelphia-based, millennial-led organizations. Together they will learn find the common narrative that helps them work together for the future of their city.

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Millennials, like every generation, have their own jargon to communicate a message. But for many young people today, words such as "solutionaries" hav...

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